What Exactly Do I Need To Lodge A DA?

What Exactly Do I Need To Lodge A DA?

If you are lodging a DA for yourself, it can be a little daunting, so watch out. The best part is that we can take care of all of this for you. But, if you want the full run-down, there’s actually quite a bit involved, and takes a lot of little things to come together for it to happen. So here’s a good start, and will give you an idea of what’s happening behind the scenes:

  1. Architectural Plans. The final set of Architectural Plans is quite different from the concepts you received. For a First Floor addition, or new build, the set will have up to 25 pages;
  2. Council Forms. These can sometimes get a little out of hand, but typical forms you could expect are Application Form, Waste Management Plan, Cost Summary Report, Checklist, and Political Donations & Gifts Disclosure Statement. Also, depending on the type of Application, there could be an Exceptions To Development Standards Application, Party Wall Consent, Landscape Calculations, Stormwater Calculations and many others;
  3. Consultant Reports. A Statement Of Environmental Effects is needed for all Applications, but other than that don’t drown in all the other. Depending on the land and type of Application, may also include Heritage Impact Statement, Streetscape Character Analysis, Water Management Statement, Design Verification Statement, Acoustic Report, Engineering Reports, Arborist Reports, Geological/Hydrological Reports, Landscape Plan, Surveyor’s Report, BASIX Certificate, Fire Safety Schedule. You name it, there’s a report for it;
  4. All DA submissions need the Owner’s consent. This is sometimes easy to get, and sometimes a little harder. And, unfortunately, Council’s always ask for original signatures – a logistical nightmare; and
  5. If an Application is made on behalf of someone else, Credit Card Authorisation is required to process the Council submission fee. Again, this has to be an original signature.

A quick word about curveballs. No matter how thoroughly you prepare or go through your Application, there is more often than not a curveball that Council throws at you. This makes submitting an Application a celebration. It is important to note that Council has special, internal software and databases it uses, and sometimes forgets that the general public and industry doesn’t have access to this. So they are prone in pulling something out, or introducing a brand new policy that has never been heard of, and turning you back.

So, whilst Council provide guides of what needs to be included in a DA, it’s hugely variable depending on the type of work proposed. If you have any questions or are not sure on what you need to put together in your submission, get in touch with us.

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